We were both married at the time of this narrative, but we had started fucking in 1983, when we weren’t married (he was the second man I fucked). He and I went to my Lakehouse frequently to fuck. On 9/11/01, we happened to have agreed to meet ay his lakehouse, which he had only recently purchased. He met a repairman there and introduced me as his landscaper. We fucked in the basement guest room, because I felt uneasy fucking in the master bedroom. Odd, because when he visited me at my home, I never hesitated to fuck in my marital bed. He was thrilled when i rimmed him. In response he went back down on me. He licked my outer and inner lips, while I softly encouraged him, “uh huh.” Then he licked and sucked my clit to my climax. He waited for me to recover (20 seconds usually) and then buried his nose in my very moist cunt and started to tongue my rosebud for the first time in our 20 years of fucking. I really moaned then, “yes!” as it was a secret fantasy of mine for him to play anally with me. He then probed my wet asshole with two fingers still wet with my pussy juice. I bucked against his fingers and began to fun my clit, just above his nose sill buried in my cunt. He stood up, told me to lie on my belly, and got astroglide from a bedside table. He told me to finger myself after he rubbed generous amounts of astroglide on my pussy lips, my fingers on my clit, and on my asshole. He pushed his cock gently into my asshole until just the head was in, adding the lubricant to my rosebud and his cock each time he pulled back. Deeper with each repartition until I could feel him push past my sphincter, both from the slight pain and because I had three fingers in my cunt and could feel his cock through my anal wall. He spent 5 minutes until his entire coch was in my lubricated asshole and he began a faster rhythmic fucking my ass. I loved it (unknown to him, my husband was gay and had fucked my ass before). He chanted repeated how tight my ass was as he stroked.

It was incredible when I moaned I was having another climax, and he virtually exploded in my ass. We glowed afterward, until we were ready to fuck again, showered, and had a most satisfying vaginal fuck.

I get a red flush from my breasts up when I climax. Even though we listened to NOR and 9/11 news all the way back to where I had parked, I was still speckled from my flush.

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Divorced 59 yo woman.

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