Goose bumps

I was out last night at a bar with a woman friend, and a man came over to our table in a dimly lit corner. He asked if he could join us, explains he was from out of town and wanted to talk about sooother than sports or politics. We answered we were about to leave, but would visit for another round if he bought and we talked about favorite books or stories. He agreed. I started talking about James Joyce’s Ulysses and it’s ambiguous ending. When I finished, he extolled John Milton’s Paradice Lost. My friend talked about the poetry of Langston Hughes. It was so exhilarating I told them it was giving me goose bumps. My friend said I can see them on your arms! I stood up and said, they’re all over, look! My no panty ass was covered…and that took our night in a whole different direction.

Published by 123ernie

Divorced 59 yo woman.

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