Car sex

Will always is a recently graduated young man that I knew when he and my son played baseball in high school. Last summer he started a landscape business, and I hired him to mow, trim, the usual. I invited him in one day to give me his opinion on some LBD’s I brought home for approval. Nothing happened then, except he texted me that night to tell me I looked so hot…I was flattered to hear that from a man 25 years younger. We texted occasionally, until I sent him a picture of me in a new nightie in October. He asked in a text if I wanted his honest reaction. When I said of course, he sent a picture of his erect cock in his blue jeans. I was horrified, but also interested. He pursued it, and I reciprocated until we met at my home and fucked. My husband said we should cut back, so I did. Will and I usually fuck in my car or his, meeting 2-3 times a week.

Published by 123ernie

Divorced 60 yo woman.

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