Swimsuit model

This is how it started with a man who, when I first met him, was my son’s teammate in high basketball, 6 years ago. His parents and his younger siblings moved next door a year ago. When he was home last summer, he started a lawn business. My husband hired his company for our yard. In August, I was trying on some swimsuits in preparation for our annual family outing to the Florida panhandle. Regis was doing our yard so I called him in to comment on the suits. When I told Fred my husband, he thought it was inappropriate, and we let it drop. When we got back, Regis texted me, late, and asked how the “hottest woman l know” was doing. That started a series of texts, which, over a period of weeks, became sexts…Fred was right.

Published by 123ernie

Divorced 60 yo woman.

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