Let me tell you my thoughts, Lionel, before we go any further. I won’t settle for stolen moments, but I won’t ruin your marital life, nor will you ruin mine. I will not encumber myself with principles that are outdated in my eyes , and I will see no inconvenience, nor any immorality in our adultery. Assuming that you are no longer happy within the strict confines of your perhaps already dead household, I will provide a temporary alternative. I hope it will be finer and more subtle than marriage, but I will nit become the second wife. At the start of our affair, I want the best of you as a new lover, no sex routine yet, no endless talking, no in-laws to put up with. We will see each other with the pleasure of novelty, the excitement of the forbidden. We will make love everywhere staying in the shadows, but we will plan when and keep the agreed schedule. It is the pure happiness of 2 libertines. We may fuck once, we may fuck frequently for 10 years, but no love words, just sexual friends. You may not confess me to your wife, and I will not confess you to my husband.

If that sounds good, let’s fuck now.

Published by 123ernie

Divorced 60 yo woman.

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