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“Seven, six, five,” he quickly counted down, as if reading my desperation and my struggle to hold off from coming prematurely.

“Four, I’m going to want to fuck your back door,” he rhymed.

I let out a moan-laugh and agreed, even though I couldn’t fathom how his thick cock would ever fit, “My ass is yours toooooo, Master.”

“Three, don’t you dare come yet, you fucking slut, don’t you dare,” he demanded.

Although I knew I shouldn’t say such a thing, I mumbled, “I can’t hold off much looooooonger.”

“No backtalk, slut,” he roared slapping my ass hard as punishment, before adding, “Two, who owns you?”

Almost hysterical now, I babbled, barely holding in the inevitable explosion. “You do, you do, you dooooo.”

“One, my slut, so fucking close aren’t you?” he teased, keeping me on the brink clearly reveling in the power he had over me.

“Soooooooooo close, Maaaaaaster,” I moaned, using every ounce of my determination to resist coming before the words are said.

“Now, slut, come now, come for your Master, come like you have never came before!” he demanded, pounding me so hard the desk moved.

The word given, permission granted, the invisible barrier broken, the greatest orgasm of my life, greater than any from my late husband, exploded through every pore of my body, sending fireworks to every sensory nerve. I screamed loud enough for anyone on the floor to know exactly what was happening, “Fuuuuuuuuck, yeeeeeeeeeees, Maaaasaaaaster, thank yooooooou,” I bellowed.

He held my hips tight, his cock lodged deep inside my pulsating cunt, trembling like a never-ending earthquake. I babbled like a high schooler having her first orgasm. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, fuck, fuck, oh, oh, god.”

I don’t know how long I lay there, but time stood still as it was one of those rare moments where pure sexual perfection had been achieved.

Sadly, all great things need to end and my orgasm slowly simmered, and my new Master’s perfect cock slipped out of me.

He ordered, “Sit on the desk.”

My legs rubber, my body exhausted and my orgasm still coursing through me, I slowly stood up and hiked myself up onto his desk.

“I think I will take you up on that foot idea,” he smiled, his voice more playful than the rest of our encounter.

Alan loved getting nylon-clad foot jobs, so I had become very flexible and coordinated with my feet. “Of course, Master,” I obeyed, my pussy still having light quivers.

I put my stocking-clad feet on both sides of his thick fully erect, slightly shiny with my cum, cock and began slowly using one foot to rub up and down his cock. He moaned on contact; I continued the slow, smooth up and down stroking. I teased him at first, going slow, and using my toes to tease his big mushroom top. After a couple of minutes of the teasing, I added my second foot, my legs bent leaving my still leaking cunt spread wide open, I began moving my feet up and down, giving him a steady stocking foot job.

After a couple more minutes of slow up and down foot stroking, he demanded, clearly enjoying the foot job, “Faster slut, foot fuck me faster.”

I obeyed, moving my legs up and down as fast as I could. I watched his face and knew he had to be close.

I was right as he grabbed my feet and began foot-fucking my stocking-clad feet furiously. I wanted to touch my cunt, already thinking about multiple orgasms, but refrained since I didn`t have permission and instead watched him fuck my feet. After a couple of minutes, he grunted and sprayed his cum all over my nylon-covered toes.

Once spent, he let go of my feet and ordered, `You are not going to waste my cum are you?”

Although the instructions were vague, I understood what was expected. I lifted my left foot up and retrieved his cum from my stocking-clad foot. Trying to be sexy, under the bizarre circumstances, I used my tongue and lips, taking my time. I replicated the retrieval on my right foot as my Master put away his beautiful fuck stick.

Finally, he said, all business again, ignoring my utter nakedness on his desk. “We are flying to Paris tomorrow. Pack for a three day trip.”

Thrilled with the idea of going to a place I never have been, I asked, “What should I bring?”

“Bring business attire for the day, slut attire for the evening,” he replied, buckling his pants, before adding, “and bring anal lube, lots and lots of anal lube.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, still on his desk, both excited to be his fucktoy and petrified of that wide snake trying to sodomize me.

“Be here at nine so Carolyn can train you for your secretary role. Have your bags with you as we will leave directly from the office,” he instructed, returning to his desk.

“Yes, Master,” I agreed, already excited about the abundance of possibilities that lie ahead.

“Good,” he said, “now get the fuck out of here. I got work to do.”

Such bluntness felt like a slap in the face, but I got off the desk, got dressed, slipped back into my heels and began to leave, praying he was going to say something to me. Reward me with praise for my obedience.

At the door, he said, “Amanda.”

“Yes, Master,” I asked, turning around, excited to hear what he had to say.

He laughed. I suddenly felt self-conscious. He explained, with a smile, “You may want to fix your blouse before you leave.”

I looked down and realized in my hurry to dress I had missed a button and the whole shirt was buttoned incorrectly. I looked like someone dishevelled after a good hard fucking, which I guess was exactly what I should have looked like after having just had a good hard fucking. I quickly fixed it and being playful asked, “Is this better?”

“Much,” he smiled, before adding, “Let her hair down, Amanda.”

“Yes, Master,” I obeyed, excited that he wanted to see me in a different light.

He looked at me for a few seconds, before saying, “Amanda, be sure to get the contract from Carolyn. Read it and sign it before you leave.”

“Yes, Master,” I said, disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement of my look with my hair down..

“And Amanda, welcome to the firm,” he smiled, adding, “you will be a welcome addition.”

“Thank you,” I replied, smiling, suddenly feeling important, looking into his hazel eyes and he looking into mine.

The brief moment of intimacy ended, as he waved me away. “Now get the fuck out of here, before I want to fuck you again.”

I almost said, ‘fuck me again and again`, but refrained instead saying, “Good night, Master and thank you for the job opportunity.”

“You are welcome, slave,” he said, not looking up from his computer.

Being called slave had my cunt tingling again and I had to fight the urge to fall on my knees, crawl over to him and beg him to fuck me again. Instead, I walked out two hours from when I first arrived. Two hours and my life was forever changed.

As I closed the door, I jumped as I was face to face with Bella who was chatting with Carolyn, both of them staring at me knowingly.

Bella smiled, moving towards me with the eyes of a predator, and said, “Welcome to the firm.”

“Yes, and just so you know, Bella and I share everything.” Carolyn added, her smile deliciously naughty, foreshadowed a lesbian threesome.


Again a special thanks to the beautiful Vanessa for posing for the pictures. Check out the comments section to learn where you can go to Vanessa’s Literotica Amateur Pictures Feedback Forum and see more pictures of her and even leave comments.


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