Dance lesson

My stepson was all nervous about not knowing how to dance, so I offered to show him how in time for the Junior Prom at City College. He objected because he thought it would be a little weird slow dancing with his own mother.

Instead I started bouncing around to “ABC” on the deck. I was a little self conscious about performing for him at first, but once I got a glimpse of the erection he was trying to hide, I bounced more than ever. We moved the practice inside and got close, and between my hot breath on his neck and the smell of my perfume he soon had his hands on my hips and one knee between my knees. I didn’t stop him, but just kept dancing and grinding against him to the music, even when he started moving my hands down to my ass. He didn’t even have

a date to the prom yet and here I was, letting him unhook my bra in my own living room. I definitely noticed, but instead of

getting mad, I just put one hand on his belt buckle and purred in his ear “You can forget about going to prom., if you want. From now on, your cock belongs to mommy.”

Published by 123ernie

Divorced 60 yo woman.

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