Mom’s fascination


My son forgot his phone at home when he went to school today. A worried mother as I am, I checked it, just a little. Just to see if he is a good boy, nothing illegal, you know. You mothers out there know what I mean. Nothing unusual to be a teenage boy’s phone, before I get to the pictures. A bunch of photos of a naked lady, spy photos, and the lady was me. I was furious, how had he managed to take these photos? Just look:

Every day after work I take a shower and a half-hour relaxing in bed before I start with dinner. I almost never fall asleep, just relaxing. But I did not notice that he entered the room.

This is during night time. According to the bedcover this must have been about two weeks ago.

This is from last week, he came to me on the couch and showed me something on his Ipad. I had no idea that he took a picture.

This is me getting ready for neighborhood party last Friday. I know that it was then, because I always have panties on when I do my makeup, but mysteriously, I had no more clean underwear that day.

This must be at the party that night, no clean panties and I decided to go comando. I have no idea how he managed to take this picture. No wait this must be from after the party, we sat in the kitchen and heated up some pizza before we went to bed. that pervert.

As I said, I was furious, but as I looked more at the pictures, I were really quite honored and proud of my own body. And when I found the video clips, he has taken video of me doing what single women do sometimes, you know, masturbating. There were videos of me in the shower, in bed, in the bath, even on the couch masturbating. No I will not show them here. In all the videos he looks down a few times and you see that he has his hard cock in his hand. My anger has started to turn over to lust now. I’ve seen the video clips 8-10 times. Me in the shower masturbating, my son filming me while he jerks off. That’s it. I’m going to let him find me naked on the couch masturbating to his video clips when he comes home from school today. I know how I want that script to end.

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