22 years ago my daughter, a junior at City College, She came hime unexpectedly (she lived on campus) to sexy underwear I had passed down or bought for her. Here’s my recollection of that afternoon:

D: Hey mama! Came by to get very sexy ensembles!

M: Good, have you been here long?

D: A couple of hours.

M: oh, my! (I turned red) Uh, what have you been doing?

D: I have a confession, mama. I tried on that brown bra and panty set, very appealing! I walked by your bedroom, and saw you fucking Al, our next door neighbor. It turned me on to spy, and I watched and touched myself.

M: Hmm, ok, you know I been sexually active since my divorce 10 years ago. But I took a nap when we finished …

D: I saw you get one last taste, and he walked into the hall with his cock erect. I was in the bathroom rubbing one out when he walked in. He got harder when he saw the ensemble, my hand in my panties. I looked at him and said I want a first taste.

M: What? You wanted to lick our juices from Al’s cock?

D: Yeah, badly, I was so turned on. He didn’t hesitate, walked over, and I knelt down, took his cock in my hand and licked and sucked him to a very hard erection.

M: He has a short refractory period, but I am amazed he wasn’t too embarrassed to do anything but run out of the bathroom.

D: I would have followed him in my arousal. As it was, he pissed and followed me to my bedroom. I fucked him for an hour. Then he went to your room, got dressed, and left.

M: So, you snaked one of my lovers while I napped, did you?

D: I didn’t steal him, if that’s what you mean. I like sex, and I wanted to fuck. Simple as that. He was a convenient cock, I’m on the pill, and I knew he was clean because you fuck him.

My daughter and I occasionally shared a man, but that’s stopped since she’s married with 2 children. Al and his family have moved, but he’s still a regular fuck.

Published by 123ernie

Divorced 60 yo woman.

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